Does Vinegar Keep Snakes Away? How to Use

A snake bite is highly venomous and this makes the slithering reptiles much dreaded. The sight of a snake can cause panic and fear even when her intentions are not bad. A snake can come in your home or garden to search for food, water or shelter. Various ways can be used to repel snakes, but let’s find out, does vinegar keep snakes away?

Vinegar is effective at keeping snakes away. Snakes will always get away once they detect its strong smell. Vinegar is acidic and in strong concentration it is highly corrosive. Contact with snake skin can lead to severe irritation, perhaps the reason why snakes don’t like it.

To use distilled white vinegar as a snake repellent, simply pour it around your landscape, garden or swimming pool. Vinegar is natural and will not harm humans other animals. However, you should not use it on your lawn grass or flower since it is a nonselective herbicide.

Where do snakes come from?

Snakes come in different species in various environments. There are those that like swamps and water bodies, forests and thickets, dry rocky areas, and tall grass among others. Snakes may leave their habitats due to various reasons including a change in climatic conditions, in search for food or shelter. In one way or another, the reptiles may end up landing in your home.

While in your yard, a snake can hide in tree hollows, under logs, mulch, leaf litter or in holes in the yard created by other animals. Snakes are carnivorous and they are good at hunting. They will pounce on small animals like rodents and birds for food.

If you encounter a snake in your yard, kindly keep off and contact any wildlife conservancy department nearby. They will come with the right equipment for catching snakes safely.

How to Keep Snakes out of Yard – Other Ways

There are a many ways to discouraging snakes from coming into your home or yard.

1. Clear their hiding places

Snakes like hiding in tall grasses, shrubs, holes, cracks, crevices and compost hips. Eliminating these areas from your property will discourage snakes from coming around. Cut down tall grass regularly, pick up leaves and damp them away from your home and fill any small holes in your yard.

2. Remove potential food supplies

Presence of certain types of animals in your yard will typically attract snakes. These include rodents like rats, moles, moles. Snakes also love preying on birds, frogs and fish. The easiest way of keeping away these animals that serve as food for snakes it to eliminate their hiding places as well. If they are already a problem, seek help from pest control agencies.

3. Encourage natural predators

A number of animals like raccoons, foxes, mongoose and eagles eat snakes as food. Presence of these animals in your yard is a sign that you have a snake around and they come to hunt it down. Domesticated animals like guinea hens, turkeys, pigs, and cats can also scare away snakes.

4. Change your landscaping ideas

Rock gardens, water gardens and bird feeders are what can quickly attract snakes. Some rock garden designs contain crevices and holes where a snake can easily hide. Snakes also get attracted to water areas like water gardens and fish ponds. Snakes will also hang around birdfeeders so that they can pounce on a good number of birds that frequent the place.

5. Use natural repellents

Vinegar is one of the best natural repellent to use against snakes. Other home remedies you can use include essential oils like clove and cinnamon oil, Garlic and onions, powdered sulfur and ammonia. Snakes does not like the smell of these natural products.

Final Thought

While snakes can help in controlling pests in our landscapes, they can be dangerous to humans and pets. A snake bite is highly venomous and can lead to serious health complications. If attacked by snake, kindly seek urgent medical attention. If you suspect presence of a snake in your yard use vinegar or any of our recommended safe methods.

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