How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell Outside

Dogs have over the longest time been important members of so many families. Dogs make the best friends because of their unwavering loyalty to their owners. There is nothing that feels greater than outdoor family time together with the family dog running up and down.

In as much as we enjoy spending time with our dogs on our beautiful lush green lawns, patios, or decks, we are in for some inconvenience at some point. Dogs will always pee on the decks and the lawn.

And because our furry friends love to pee on one spot repeatedly, the pee will become so concentrated. At this state, the pee will give some obnoxious odors that hinder quality outdoor fun especially if the pee spot is on or along the deck.

What follows is the large swam of flies that may be very embarrassing when you have visitors on the deck or patio. I am here to let you know that you do not have to forego your precious time with your dog because of the disgusting dog urine smells.

There are several ways of killing dog urine odors naturally so that you can have your outdoor fun in peace.

1. Use lots of water

Dog urine odors can be killed by treating it with lots of water. But this works only if the urine is in lower concentrations because the extreme levels are hard to remove. This, therefore, means that you should be on the lookout for dog urine spots whenever you are playing with your dog outside.

Watering a dog urine spot with lots of water works by diluting the concentrated smell. To do this, use a watering can or a water hose to apply water on the spot. At the same time, discourage the dog from urinating on the lawn, walkways, or driveways.

If the dog urine is on a concrete walkway or driveway, do not be tempted to dry the water; instead, let it be so that it can have enough time to soak the smell.

2. Turn the soil over

If the dog urine spot is on the soil in the backyard or flower bed, use a shovel to scoop the soil and turn it over. Turning the soil over buries the dog urine into the soil and the bacteria in the soil break down the contents in the dog urine, hence the smell goes away.

It also works by hiding the dog urine away from the surface and this stops the smell before the urine is broken by the bacteria in the soil. At the same time, apply the necessary measures to deter the dog from urinating on the lawn.

You cannot keep turning over the soil in the whole lawn. If the dog urine odors are so concentrated, you can first treat the urine with a commercial odor kill solution of your choice then turn the soil over.

3. Use a vinegar solution

Vinegar contains acetic acid that has enzymes that digest smells and dirt. The only disadvantage with vinegar in killing dog urine odors is that it is not advisable for use on lawns. The acid in it kills grass and you do not want this.

The worst-case scenario is that the acid in vinegar raises the pH level of your lawn soil, which may not be very healthy for your lawn grass or vegetables in the kitchen garden. Vinegar is best for use on dog urine smells on a concrete walkway or driveway.

Mix two spoonfuls of white or apple cider vinegar to 2 cups of water in a spray bottle to make the solution. And that is not all; vinegar discourages the presence of flies on outdoor installations like the deck, patio, and even the lawn.

4. Citrus solution

Citrus fruits, especially lemon, have citric acids that contain enzymes that digest bacteria in the dog urine and these eventually kill the smell. You should also be careful when dealing with the lemon solution in treating dog urine.

This is because citric acid also raises the pH levels of the lawn, flower bed, and kitchen garden soils, something that inhibits the proper growth of plants on these soils. When applied to dog urine on lawn grass, the citric solution can end up killing your beautiful lush green grass.

Instead, use lots of water since this will not harm the grass. Mix two spoonfuls of lemon juice to 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. The citric solution also deters the fries that may have or be attracted by the dog urine smell.

5. Treat with baking soda

Baking soda is a great treatment for dog urine smells, especially on concrete surfaces. Just like vinegar and citric solutions, baking soda also contains enzymes that digest bacteria that cause the obnoxious smell of dog urine.

Never use baking soda to treat dog urine smells on lawn grass. Doing so ends up killing your lawn grass and you will be left with the ugly brown patches.

Rinse the dog urine with water and then sprinkle a spoonful of baking soda. Let it sit for about 7-10 minutes before scrubbing with a brush.

Do not dry or rinse the solution; let it sit on the surface until it dries up. I insist on sprinkling the powdered baking soda instead of a solution. Powdered baking soda is more effective for dog urine odors than when in solution form.

6. Use dish soap

Another simple but effective treatment for dog urine smells is dish soap. The main advantage of dish soap is that it is cheap and readily available. The best thing is that dish soap is friendly to the lawn grass and other plants.

Mix one cup of dish soap to equal parts of water in a spray bottle. And because it is less concentrated than vinegar and baking soda, you might want to scrub the dog urine if it is on concrete.

How to kill dog urine odors using commercial odor killer

Having talked about the various treatment solutions for dog urine smell, it is now time to learn how to apply the treatment for great results.

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It does not matter how good or strong your dog urine smell, kill solution is effective; if you apply the solution wrongly, you will not achieve the desired results. Here is a detailed short step by step process of killing dog urine smell outside.

1. Clear the area

Begin by clearing the area where your dog took or takes a pee. The obstructions might be rocks, tree branches and logs, and equipment. This gives you a clear view of the area so that you can work effectively.

2. Apply the solution

Apply the already mixed solution in a spray bottle by bringing the nozzle close to the spot and press the button. Ensure to completely cover the dog urine spot for the best results.

3. Agitate the area

If the dog has been urinating on a concrete surface for quite some time, dog urine smells are not your only concern; you will also be dealing with tough urine stains. With this in mind, allow the dog urine smell kill solution to soak the spot for about 10 minutes. 

Then use a hard brush to agitate the solution on the stains. Don’t dry the grime; let it sit intact until it dries up so that the enzyme in the solution to act on bacteria in the dog urine.

How to prevent dog urine on your outdoor spaces

Treating dog urine smells with commercial odor kill solutions is not enough; you need to lay down the necessary measures to ensure your dog does not keep urinating in your favorite outdoor spaces. Otherwise, you will live to kill dog urine smells, something that is not manageable.

1. Doggie lawn

I know it seems unfair to get your dog off the same lawn you are laying on. But did you know you can lie on your lawn while your beloved dog lies on its lawn?

Yes, dog supplies stores are full of options for outdoor dog spaces. In this case, you can buy a doggie lawn that has lush artificial lawn grass just like the one on your lawn.

Dog lawns are a good choice since you can always clean them after you have great outdoor fun with your canine friend. The challenge will be in teaching your dog to use their lawn but they should get used in a matter of weeks of proper and continued training.

2. Dog run

Another great way of preventing your dog from urinating in your outdoor spaces is by building a dog run in an area where you do not mind your furry friends using the bathroom. You can do this by simply inserting short stakes into the soil to create 2 feet perimeter fence. You can also buy cheap dog mulch and train your dog to pee on it instead of your lawn or alternatively purchase an inexpensive dog trolley system.

Having gotten rid of the obnoxious dog urine odors and laid the necessary deterrent measures for your dog. You can now invite your friends over and have fun without you worrying about the embarrassment caused by dog urine smells.

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