How to Get Smell out of Outdoor Couch

The outdoor couch makes a perfect place to just slide in as you enjoy the cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon. It is also the perfect place to dry up after taking a good swim in the hot summer months.

But imagine this; you are just about to slide into the couch, then you met with a strong irritating musty smell.

There is nothing more disappointing and embarrassing as this scenario especially if you have friends visiting, the next question that hits your mind is; where could the smell have come from and how do you get rid of it?

What causes musty smells on the outdoor couch?

Dust from the nearby fields settles on the fluffy couch, and once it accumulates, it becomes dirt. During the cold winter months, the couch is met with heavy humidity and sometimes downpour in the case of a deck.

At the same time, your so beloved canine friend may also be the cause for that awful musty smell on your outdoor couch. This happens when they pick dirt and shake off dog dander on their couch.

All these contribute to the disgusting smell on your couch and may even grow mold and mildew if the couch goes for so long without some cleaning.  If the above description matches your couch, there is no cause for alarm; sit back as I tell you how to get rid of those smells out of your outdoor couch.

How to Get Smell out of Couch

You can easily remove odor from furniture fabric in the following ways:

1. Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar both contain enzymes that digest the bacteria and dirt that cause the musty smells on your outdoor couches.

These two are cheap and readily non-chemical homemade solutions that can be used to easily get rid of smells off your outdoor couches.

To make a strong homemade outdoor couch deodorizer, mix 1/2 cup of white or apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup of baking soda, and a full cup of water into a spray bottle and shake thoroughly for an even mix. Then spray the solution on the couch and let it air dry overnight. Vacuum the couch the next day to remove residue baking soda.

2. Essential oil deodorizer

Another great method of getting rid of smells off your outdoor couch is the use of essential oils. You could buy eucalyptus and lemon essential oils to make some homemade deodorizer.

To make this, mix ½ cup of white or apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup of baking soda, 1 spoon of table salt, 5 drops of eucalyptus flavored essential oil, and 2 drops of lemon-flavored essential oil with a ½ cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle thoroughly and let the solution sit for 3 minutes before applying a light layer over the couch.

Let the solution air-dry overnight before vacuuming baking soda residue the next day. This solution is also great for getting rid of flies off the couch and the surrounding outdoor space.

3. Enzyme deodorizer

Enzyme deodorizer is another great way of killing smells out of your outdoor couch. And just like the name suggests, it contains enzymes that digest dog dander, mold and mildew, and any other musty smell- causing things.

These can be purchase online or from the outdoor furniture care supplies store at a fair market price. And that is not all; the enzyme is friendly to your pets.

4. Vodka cleaning solution

Vodka cleaning solution, sounds crazy, right? So many people love the smell of vodka. However, there are still a good number of us who do not love the smell and it is very much okay if you do not feel comfortable with the alcohol.

But do not worry, vodka is a great kill for outdoor couch smells and evaporates so fast that you will hardly believe it was there in the first place.

Mix 1 cup of vodka and ½ cup of water in a spray bottle and shake thoroughly to mix. Spray the solution and remember to keep the layer light and watch it dry before your eyes. Then vacuum the couch to remove the remaining alcoholic smell.

5. Hire a professional cleaner

When it comes to cleaning and getting rid of the smell on not just the indoor but also outdoor couches, nothing beats like a professional cleaning service. The guys have the right knowledge and skills and this helps them pick just the right materials and cleaning solutions.

They are also efficient in their work, which means they will be done with cleaning even before you notice their presence. And that is not all; the best thing is that they relieve you of the hassles of doing the cleaning and this way, you can focus on other important issues with your busy life.

6. Remove and clean couch covers and cushions

If your outdoor couch has slipcovers, then you are lucky. There is a high chance the smell has not gone beyond the slipcovers so all you have to do is to remove them and clean them either in the washer ort manually depending on the fabric cleaning instructions on the manufacturer label.

Do not forget to clean your outdoor cushions, the blankets, pillows as well. You could use one or two drops of lemon essential oil in the washer so that the covers come out smelling fresh and sweet.

If after removing the sleep covers you still smell the musty odors, consider cleaning the couch using one of the many above discussed methods. Then put back the slipcovers and enjoy your freshly sweet-smelling deck or patio couch.

How to Prevent a Couch from Smelling Bad

Getting rid of the smell on your outdoor couch is just a temporary solution; it is just the beginning to the end of outdoor couch odors. The battle with outdoor couch odors is far from over if you are not thinking of how to prevent the smell in the first place.

While you are wondering how to do this, here are just some of the many hacks you can apply, to prevent odors on your outdoor couch.

1. Vacuum the couch more often

Having seen that dirt and debris contribute to the musty smells on outdoor couches, make a habit of vacuuming it more often. It will help get rid of dog dander, as together with dirt that may later combine with humidity to form mold and mildew that causes the musty smell. To make it even better, use some baking soda when vacuuming the couch.

2. Use an air filter

Another great way of preventing annoying smells on your outdoor couch is cleaning the couch with an air filter. It gives better results than a vacuum since these pick up the finest dust particles and pet hair, hence preventing the buildup of debris that causes musty smells.

If you want to never have to deal with funny odors on your outdoor couch ever again, go for a HEPPA enabled air filter. It is capable of picking up the bacteria that cause awful smells on the outdoor couch. This does not only prevent the smells on the outdoor couch; it also keeps the growth of mold at bay.

3. Keep your dog off the couch

When it comes to outdoor couch odors, pets, especially dogs are the most notorious and the main contributor. They pick up all manner of dirt from the lawn and filed and transfer it to the couch with their feet.

Canines also shake their bodies off on the couch and leave their dander behind. All these contribute to the awful smells on the couch.

To prevent this scenario, there are tricks to keep dog off your patio furniture or discourage them from curling up on your outdoor couch. Instead, buy a dog bed, lawn, or cage and teach him to stay in their lane.

You can also use deterrent items such as citrus scents on the couches. These may smell nice to humans but dogs hate the smell and will eventually keep off the outdoor couch.

4. Clean the deck floor more often

Bearing in mind that dirt and bacteria are the main contributors to outdoor couch smell, you need to clean the patio and deck floors more often. The bacteria and dirt on the floor can be transferred to the couch by our feet and those of our pets especially dogs when they climb up the couch.

Also, the dust on the patio and deck floor settles on the outdoor couch when it’s shaken off.  Regular cleaning of the deck or patio floor also works by maintaining it so that it gives you years of service.

5. Buy slipcovers

Living with your outdoor couch without covers can be a real headache because food spills, dust, and dirt will always settle on the couch and cause a musty smell when it mixes with the outdoor humidity.

When you buy slipcovers for your outdoor couch, these acts as the first line of defense against dirt, bacteria, and dust that causes the awful smells on the couch.

The best about these is that you can always remove and clean them in the washer, without having to clean the entire couch. This saves you lots of time and hassles you would have gone through while cleaning the couch.

With your outdoor couch now smelling nice and fresh again, you can now go ahead and invite your friends over for a patio party. Have fun!

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