Do Mosquito Foggers Work? How to Use

Foggers are helpful devices in controlling of mosquitoes in the yard. While they are not a full-proof way of getting rid of mosquitoes, foggers offers  immediate relief from nasty insects during outdoor get-together parties, barbecues, kids playing and relaxations. Let’s find out, do mosquito foggers work?

Yes, mosquito foggers temporarily keep away mosquitoes and other bugs from the treated area. One time application can last up to 72 hours. This is a sufficient duration of time to conduct your outdoor events peacefully without interruption from biting and blood sucking mosquitoes and bugs.

Mosquito Fogger

Do Mosquito Foggers Work?

We all like spending outdoors when the weather gets warm. However, the excitement may be short lived as a result of mosquitoes, flies and other stubborn insects who are usually active in the evening. Mosquitoes not only cause painful bumps on humans but can also spread infectious diseases like malaria.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep mosquitoes away and other bugs from your yard. You might have heard of mosquito foggers, bug zappers, citronella candles, plants that keep away bugs and insect repellent products. All these methods work against mosquitoes but at different levels of effectiveness.

A mosquito fogger is a device that create a fine mist (fog) of insecticide which is sprayed in the air to kill and repel mosquitoes in the treated area. When used correctly, foggers provide immediate control of mosquitoes and other flying insects in the yard. It can successfully be used before the start of an outdoor event.

Foggers doesn’t offer a permanent solution to the insect menace in your backyard. A single application can only last up to 72 hours. For lasting protection against mosquitoes, one need to conduct regular treatments. Further, this method may not work for the hiding mosquitoes who will not be in direct contact with the fog.

Types of Mosquito Foggers

Mosquito foggers come in various types which include the following

Aerosol Mosquito Foggers

Aerosol mosquito foggers come in small sprayer cans. They are the least expensive to purchase and use as there is no additional equipment required to operate them. You simply press and the insecticide come out in form of a mist.

However, these products produce relatively large droplets of the insecticide which settle down quickly. They are therefore ideal to use on precise target. Spray in the evening when mosquitos are active. If you need to enjoy your outdoors for longer, then you will need to make several applications.

Electric Thermal Foggers

Electric thermal foggers use electric power to heat an insecticide into a mist which is then diffused into the air to kill mosquitoes and other bugs. Unlike aerosol foggers, the electric version of foggers produce a big, dense cloud of insecticide-laced fog that lasts longer in the air.

To use electric thermal fogger, one need to plug it into a power outlet. This can be a big downside if you don’t have power outlets in an area where you are treating. For this reason, you will need an extension cord. But as long as you have power supply, this type of fogger will not disappoint in providing a lasting solution to mosquito problems.

Propane Thermal Foggers

Propane foggers work by the help of a propane tank. The gas is ignited to produce thermal power that turn the liquid insecticide into a cloud of mist. The finer droplets are then sprayed into the air to target flying mosquitoes before they attack you for blood.

Propane thermal foggers are flexible to use in any area as they can be easily carried from one point to another. This is the right device to use when you go camping in the woods or hosting a large backyard party. The large amount of insecticide-laced mist they produce will cover a larger area.

ULV Foggers

Ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers are designed to produce a less dense, less visible mist. For this reason, they use little amount of insecticide to keep away mosquitoes, gnats and flies. They are electrically powered or operate or rechargeable batteries. ULV foggers are quieter and will not attract the attention of neighbors as there is no cloudy mist produced.

Are Mosquito Foggers Safe?

Generally, insecticides are not safe especially when ingested by humans or animals. But, the amount of chemicals used in foggers are so minimal to cause any harm to humans or pets. What you should be keen about is children and pets chewing materials that have been in direct contact with the insecticide.

Always use a mosquito fogger as directed by the manufacturer. Read and follow instructions on the product label or the provided manual. If there is any unusual feeling after using a fogger, seek immediate medical attention from a nearby heath facility.

Like the use of a bug zapper, there is a great environmental concern that comes with use of insecticides against mosquitoes. The methods indiscriminately kills all the insects including the non-targeted ones. This greatly affects the ecological balance as most insects are known to serve as food to other wildlife.

In agriculture, pesticides eliminate even beneficial insects that enrich the soil with nitrogen and those that act as pollinating agents. Incorrect use may also pollute the water in the down streams making it unhealthy to aquatic life.

Safer Ways of Controlling Mosquitoes

There are eco-friendly ways of controlling mosquitoes. These bloodsucking insects are attracted to carbon dioxide in our breath and sweat. Therefore you need to use products that disguise the smell of CO2 around yourself as a way of repelling mosquitoes. Essential oils are good at this without causing major environmental concerns.

Mosquitoes love stagnant water and damp unkempt areas. Remove any standing water in your yard, keep grass and shrubs well-trimmed and remove damp materials from your yard including old tires, open cans and trash cans. Treat your pools and ensure your outdoor areas are extremely clean.

Final Thought

Mosquito foggers work effectively by providing immediate but short-lived solution to mosquitoes and other bugs. These devices come in various types and you can go for one that fit your need or budget.

While not a dangerous approach, foggers use insecticides that are likely to affect other wildlife. For this reason, we recommend using safer eco-friendly ways to control mosquitoes in your yard.

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