Electric Snow Blower vs Gas – Which is better?

During winter, snow will be allover in your backyard. As you know, shoveling snow requires a muscle and not the best thing to do every morning before you drive to work. Using a snow blower is a quick and effortless way of clearing your driveways, sidewalks and patios.

There are two main types of snow blower; electric and gas snow blower. Whether you decide to go for an electric or gas snow remover, there are a few things you need to know about each type. In this guide learn the difference between the two snow blowers, their pros, cons and what to consider in choosing one.

Electric vs Gas Snow Blower

The following are the differences between a gas and electric snow blower

Electric Snow Blowers

Electric snow blowers run on electric energy provided by the nearest outlet. They need to be plug in and they are start by a push button. Electric snow blowers are quiet and more eco-friendly. Further they are lighter weight and thus easier to store or use.

These amazing features make an electric snow blower a great resource for clearing off decks and patios, stairways, walkways, and shorter drives in a home. They are handy for clearing occasional snow fall around your home. Purchase and maintenance of an electric snow remover machine is less expensive price.

Electric snow blower
Electric snow blower


  • Does not cause noise and air pollution
  • Lightweight thus easy to use by most people including elderly
  • Requires little maintenance when using or before storing
  • They are less expensive to run and purchase


  • The size, weight and design of an electric snow blows makes them inefficient in clearing heavy, wet, or large amounts of snow at once.
  • There is a limited coverage in areas far away from outlets, you may need a cable extension for wide coverage.
  • When using this version of a blower, you also have to be careful about the machine getting entangles by the power cord.
  • Too much contact with water should also be avoided as you know water and electricity does not mix.
  • Further overworking an electric snow blower may cause motor overheating and breakdown.

Gas Snow Blowers

Gas powered snow blower run on gas or oil and most of them are start with a pull start system. They are incredibly efficient in handling heavy, wet and large amount of snow. While typically heavy, these versions come in various sizes ranging from 12 inches wide up to 45 inches.

Most advanced gas powered snow blowers are self-propelled which helps in reducing their push load when working. In a single pass, these machine clears large amount of snow and you can adjust them to a height you want.

Gas snow blower
Gas snow blower


  • Heavy duty machines for tackling large amount of snow
  • Some models are self-propelled thus easy to use
  • Performance is not limited by access to power
  • Can be used in remote areas without electricity


  • They are loud and produce smoke and fumes unfriendly to the environment.
  • The machines has a quite a load of maintenance required. Gasoline, oil and spark plugs must be changed regularly when in use.
  • When preparing for long storage during summer, gas and oil should be drained.
  • Belts, air filters, pins, paddles, and bolt tightness should be checked before you get your machine running again.
  • The bulky size of this machine makes storage a great concern.


Your choice for either electric or gas powered snow blower should narrow down to the amount of snow to be cleared, the physical ability of the user, storage and maintenance expenses. Electric versions would be the best option for small areas with little amount of snow. Large driveways with heavy snow requires a powerful gas powered snow remover.

How to Choose a Snow Blower

When planning to purchase a snow blower, the following are important things to know:

Snow Blower Stages

Whether electric or gas, snow blowers are classified into three stages depending on the load capacity. There are a single-stage, two-stage and three-stage machines.

A single stage snow blower is ideal machine for small domestic jobs like flat, midsized paved driveway, garden paths or patios with a snowfall less than 8 inches thick. Single-stage snow blower has corkscrew-shaped auger as the only device that scoop up the snow. They are not ideal for removal of heavy or deeply frozen snow.

Two-stage blowers use both auger and impeller to move snow. The impeller is rotor that helps in increasing pressure and fluid flow in a system, an additional feature that helps two-stage snow blowers to collect and throw the snow faster. Two-stage blowers are the best for long, wide driveways with snow levels up to 16 inches.

Three-stage blowers have an extra instrument called an accelerator which increases the rate of clearing away snow. The machines are heavy and requires large space for storage. Mostly, their movements are powered by engines. Stage 3 blowers can be used for clearing really thick or wet snow from large, hilly or steep driveways and homes with a big backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between snow blower and snow thrower?

A snow thrower is a single-stage machine that picks up light snow and throws it away. A snow blower on the other hand is a two or three-stage machine that scoop and throw away heavy snow. Snow blowers are way more powerful than snow throwers, they clears snow faster but cost more.

When is the best time to buy a snow blower?

May/June are the best times to invest in a snow blower. This is the time when there is more production and demand is less. In winter, the machines become expensive due to their high demand and low rate of production.

Do snow blowers have heated handles?

While not all snow blowers come with heated handles, advanced models does. This gives you the comfort of working without getting your hands frozen. If your machine does not have heated handles, you should invest in wooly thick snow gloves especially if you intend to work for long hours in winter.


Electric snow blowers offers a hustle-free way of dealing with snow on your driveways, patios and walkways. These machines are environmental friendly since they do not produce loud noise, smoke or emissions they are a great option for moderate amount of snow. But if you intend to clear snow from large areas and at a faster rate, then you need a gas snow blow.

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