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How do I get rid of Moss on a Concrete Patio?

Moss if one of the green growth you will spot on your concrete pavers, patio bricks. The green clumps are common in damp or dark areas. Besides stealing the beauty of your patio, these types of plants produce spores that are harmful to your health. Their slippery nature also makes them a tipping hazard.

Moss thrive in shady moist areas and this makes homes in humid areas such as around the coast or near dense forest to be highly susceptible. If you have moss, algae or mold growing on your patio, you would want to remove them quickly.

How to Permanently Remove Moss from Concrete

There are various simple natural and artificial patio moss killers you can use to permanently get rid of moss in your landscape.

1. Natural Sunlight

The least expensive and natural way of getting rid of moss is to allow sunlight to directly strike on the affected area. Prune nearby tree branches, move patio furniture and anything else that is obstructing sunlight.

Moss does not grow in dry and sun kissed areas. Within few days of allowing sunlight, the plant will automatically dry and completely disappear. If you live in places with no sunlight, don’t worry, there is something else you can do to eliminate those green mats.

2. Hot water

You can easily tame weeds and moss growing on the paving stone walkway, in the driveway crack or patio using boiling water. You will need to be a little careful to avoid splashing the hot water on the nearby grass or plants. Follow the hot water spray with scrub using your deck brush.

You can opt to boil hot water and carry it to your outdoor or you can use a steamer. Be careful not to blast steam on bordering grass or plants. Steam or hot water kill the cells of any plant including moss thus making the weed to dry.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar is a common ingredient in most households. It is the perfect choice for getting rid of unwanted weeds on a patio. Vinegar is natural and thus safe to use around pets and family.

To get instant results, place white vinegar in a spray bottle, without diluting, apply directly on the moss. If you dilute with water, you may need to repeat several days for the weed to completely disappear.

After spraying vinegar, let it stay in those paving stones and joints for 15 minutes. Scrub the area with a stiff broom or a deck brush to remove any stains and stubborn moss. Hose with clean water and let the area to completely air dry.

4. Baking Soda

Common baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), can work as a herbicide on most weeds on your hardscapes. The natural desiccant draws water from the plant cells making it to dry.

To get rid of moss on concrete patio, driveway or walkway using baking soda, sprinkle a generous amount and leave it overnight. Use a push broom the following day to scrub and remove the weed. Follow with a gardening hose to remove debris and the rest of baking soda.

5. Pressure washing

Power washer can also be used to get rid of moss on patio naturally. Although effective for restoring the appearance of your patio, this method may require a lot of water and also replacing joint sand between the pavers which has been washed away.

When using a power washer, do not direct the water jet only at a single spot but rather move it forth and backwards.

6. Bleach

Using bleach on your patio is recommended when you are dealing with dreaded weeds. Bleach should be the last resort when dealing with notorious moss, mold or algae on your patio pavers, bricks or stones.

Use bleach away from children and pets. Do not allow the solution to running into wanted plants. Be sure to put on protective eyewear and hand gloves when dealing with bleach.

Mix bleach and water in a spray bottle or bucked. Apply on the moss and leave it for 15 minutes, scrub with a hard brush and rinse with clean water.

7. Commercial Herbicides

Commercial moss killers are toxic products that can be used to get rid of the weed from your patio. This should be the very last resort due to the high risk they carry. Commercial weed killers may irritate your skin or respiration system.

Completely protect yourself and use away from kids and pets. Herbicides end up affecting other living species when the sole purpose was to eliminate weeds. Always strive to use other natural ways of getting rid of weeds from your pavers.

How do you prevent moss on patio pavers?

Weeds that thrive in moist and wet areas can be controlled by simply cleaning and drying out an area. Drive away any pooling water, repair leakages and ensure water drains well without standing anywhere.

Sunlight is a natural drier, if you can let it reach those dark areas, you will not see those moss and mold.

Moss and molds also survive on dirt as food. Regular cleaning and removing of debris such as dry plant leaves will also help in preventing weed infestation into your patio.


Weeds such as moss, algae and mold should be removed immediately they are spotted. They reproduce fast by spores and the earlier you act the better. Besides affecting the beauty and appearance of your outdoor décor, they are also a health and safety hazard and therefore urgently remove them.

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