How to Keep Bugs away from Porch Light

Outdoor lights are great when spending your evening in the backyard. They make outdoors areas safer, warmer and attractive. Unfortunately, patio or porch lights create one major problem – they attract a swarm of bugs such as gnats, mosquitoes, stink bugs, moths and many more which can disturb your moment. Let’s look at how to keep bugs away from porch light.

There are no clear reason why bugs are attracted to light. Few theories explain that bugs use light for navigation as they search for food, warmth or escape from predators. Due to the high light intensity from artificial source, these bugs gets confused and keeps moving around a bulb.

How to Keep Bugs away from Porch Light

Keeping bugs away from your patio or porch light will give you ample time to unwind, eat or read your favorite novel. Others like mosquitoes bite to such blood and transmit infections. There are a number of way to do control bugs on your porch:

1. Turn off some lights

Bugs seem to enjoy the warmth around the bulb and even forget where they were heading to. One way of limiting their activity is to turn off some lights that are not really important. You may only remain with few for security reasons or for night visibility.

2. Change to yellow bulbs

Bugs are less attracted to yellow, red or orange light as they cannot see them well. For this reason, you may decide to use yellow LED lights on your porch or specifically those designed to keep bugs away. Blue white and green lights are highly attractive to bugs and you better avoid them.

3. Light up citronella candles

Instead of bulb lights, use citronella candles while on your porch or patio. These candles burn to produce a smell that keeps away bugs. While this method may not get rid of bugs in your yard, it helps when you want to have some moment on your outdoor areas.

4. Install outdoor ceiling fan

A ceiling fan not only create a cool breeze on your porch during summer time, but also keep away most flying insects. The strong wave of wind discourages bugs from flying around.

5. Install a bug screen

A tightly woven mesh around your porch can provide all time barrier against stubborn bugs or night flying insects. The screen you install has to be tight enough to prevent even the smallest bugs. Ensure the door remains closed especially in the evening hours when most bugs are active.

6. Remove any standing water

Any standing water in yard is a hot bed of mosquitoes and other insects. This is where they breed and also drink. To reduce their number around your outdoor lights you have to ensure that all drains and gutters are clear and no water is left standing anywhere.

7. Clean up your backyard

Unkempt environment with tall grass and shrubs provide a hideout for bugs. This is where they wake up from to come and disturb your peace. If you are tired of bugs hovering around your porch lights, then keep your backyard tidy by cutting tall grass, picking up leaves and trimming overgrown shrubs and tree branches.

8. Use outdoor insect repellents

Sometimes it’s impossible to completely avoid bugs around your outdoor lights. You just need to protect yourself instead. Use essential oils sprays of cinnamon, peppermint, and lemongrass, citronella, lavender or citrus. Products containing DEET can also be used.

9. Encourage birds on your porch

Apart from enjoying sweet bird songs, encouraging birds on your porch will discourage bugs from coming around. The predators will also reduce the number of insects swarming around your lights by feed on them. To do this simply place birdhouses and birdfeeders on your porch.

10. Install a bug zapper

Bug zappers are known to effectively combat the menace of flying insect around your home. They produce a glow that attracts bugs and zap them once they get onto its core. If you can’t withstand the stench of burnt insects, they explore more humane ways.

11. Contact pest control agencies

These are organizations authorized to carry out fumigation for the effective eradication of bugs in an area. They may use chemical or natural ways depending on the severity of the situation. Contact them to have a lasting solution.

Final Thoughts

Bugs are very stubborn and there is no way you can coexist with them in your home. It is unfortunate that some bugs like mosquitoes bite to suck blood and also transmit deadly infections. This is why you should not hesitate to keep bugs away from your outdoor lights.

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