How do I Rejuvenate the Metal on My Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can transform your patio or yard into a perfect recreation spot. This is a big investment that requires great considerations and care. Elements are usually not kind on outdoor tables and chairs especially those made from metal. Let’s look at how you can rejuvenate the metal on your outdoor furniture.

Metal is one of the best material for outdoor furniture. It is durable, weather resistant and easy to customize into various designs. Overtime metal patio furniture takes a beating from the elements. This makes it to appear worn and faded. The good news, you can restore the metal furniture to look new again.

How do I Rejuvenate the Metal on my Outdoor Furniture?

Restoring your outdoor furniture not only make them attractive but also adds them more life. Additionally, the refurbishment can save you the costs of acquiring a new set of furniture. This is done by simply removing the rust and flaking paint on the metal then repaint your patio furniture.

1. Set a clear working area

Prepare your work area by covering your patios and plants with a drop cloth or a tarp. You don’t want dust and paint to spread on your floors and outdoor ornamentals. If you don’t have much option, you can take your furniture somewhere on your lawn. Your basement would also be great but only if there is proper ventilation.

2. Remove rust and flaking paint on the metal

Start by scrapping all the flaking paint and rust using a wire brush. Next sand the rusty areas of the furniture using 80-120 grit sandpaper. Once all the rust has been removed, sand the rest of the furniture with a fine grit sandpaper until it is completely smooth and all the flaking paint is removed.

3. Clean your metal outdoor furniture

Get warm water in a bucket and add a few drop of dish washing liquid soap. Using the soapy solution and a rug, wash down the sanded table or chairs and thoroughly hose them. This will remove dust on the metal surface which will help the new paint to stick well. Once done, let them dry completely.

4. Prime your metal furniture for paint

Although most people will skip this step, priming your metal for paint is very important. A primer helps in covering imperfections and also help the paint to adhere well on a surface. Get a quality rust preventive primer and spray gently in a consistent pattern and let it dry before adding a second coat. Let it dry completely between coats and prepare for painting.

5. Paint your metal patio furniture

Once the primer has completely cured as recommended on the product label, slightly sand your furniture using a very fine sandpaper. Wipe the table or chairs to remove all the dust using a non-wax tack cloth.

Now get an exterior-grade latex or oil paint and spray as directed adhering to the number of coats recommended. Remember to wear your mask and hand gloves when painting to avoid inhaling paint fumes and staining your hands.

Once the paint has completely cured, add a final clear coat of oil-based urethane to waterproof your outdoor metal furniture. Go with oil-based urethane since it last longer and provide a shiny finish.

How to Protect your Outdoor Metal Furniture

Wrought iron, aluminum, and stainless steel patio furniture can stand the test of time if adequately protected from the elements. The following are basic maintenance tips for your metal outdoor furniture.

  • Regularly clean your outdoor patio or garden furniture to remove dust, pollen and stains. This can be done at least twice every season using soapy water and a rug.
  • Cover outdoor furniture when not in use especially during winter season. You could also store them covered in your basement or garage.
  • When corroded, faded or flaking, sand and repaint your metal furniture to restore their beauty and protection.

Final Thought

Outdoor furniture is an important addition in a garden or patio. This is where you can relax with friends or family members as you enjoy your outdoors. Being an expensive investment, your outdoor furniture need special considerations including proper care and maintenance.

Metal patio furniture can last many years if your make it a priority to protect them from elements and rejuvenate them when they take a beating. This is a simple project that you can do it yourself as directed in this guide. If you want more professional work you can as well hire an expert.

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