How do I Keep my Patio Furniture from Blowing Away?

Are your outdoor patio furniture getting blown away by high winds? This is something no one want to keep seeing. Unsecured outdoor patio furniture are vulnerable to speedy winds, damage and theft. In this guide, learn how to secure outdoor furniture from blowing away during winds or hurricane.

How to Secure Patio Furniture

The following are ways to secure your outdoor furniture from blowing away

1. Grow a Windbreak

Plant thick garden trees to barricade speeding wind from carrying away your outdoor investments. Trees absorbs and reduce the force of heavy wind, and it won’t be strong enough to blow away your furniture.

Besides obstructing winds, privacy trees also block neighbors view and provide a cool fresh breeze. A garden windbreak is beautiful and adds décor to your outdoor spaces. You could also enjoy a shed during sunny hot days from the plants.

2. Go for heavy outdoor furniture

Another way of preventing your furniture from flying during a hurricane or heavy wind is to invest in a heavy piece of furniture. The material such as wood, iron, aluminum or steel are heavy and good for outdoor chairs. Plastic furniture and patio umbrella are easily carried by wind due to their light weight.

While this serves as an option, heavy furniture can be difficult to move during cleaning or when you want to rearrange them. The hefty weight can also form some dents on your patio or deck. If you are not ready for such challenges, consider other options.

3. Furniture covers

Covering your outdoor furniture greatly reduces chances of gusty winds from throwing away your chairs and tables by forming a barrier. Furniture covers also protect patio furnishings from frost, dust and even wildlife.

Patio furniture that are covered during rains, hot sun and when not in use remains beautiful and last longer. The cover is usually made of a material that is waterproof and resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

4. Nesting

Mops people stack chairs or furniture in one place such like near the wall to prevent them from the wrath of winds. This method led to the concept of nesting furniture where interlocking chairs, tables and even sofas are designed. Nesting has also become a trendy way of utilizing a limited space in a backyard.

Stacking or nesting consolidates the weight of furniture making it difficult to be blown away. During winter you can also stack your chairs in a garage or yard to protect them from snow and mildew. Nesting tables or chairs is attractive as compared to stacking.

5. Taking them indoors

Small and medium sized patio furniture can be taken inside a home and blend them well with the interior décor. Other places you can store them is in your garage, basement or on a balcony. This is a very important idea especially during rainy or frost seasons.

Taking your chair and tables indoors not only protect them from heavy winds but also from frost and precipitation. It is also a way of reducing maintenance costs associated with cleaning of outdoor furniture or repainting.

6. Bungee Cords

Tie the furniture into one bundle or on a nearby immovable object such as post or tree trunk using a bungee cord. This is a simple way of securing your outdoor furniture from winds and hurricanes. Lock the cable very well to ensure that your furniture is not stolen when you are not around.

7. Use Earthquake gel

A clear earthquake gel can be placed under the legs of furniture to make them adhesive to the floor thus immovable during heavy winds. The gel was designed to prevent glassware from falling off surfaces and breaking during quakes but it has found a new use thanks to the hack.

The only problem with using QuakeHold gel or other adhesive is the inability to move your outdoor furniture around. However, you can work around to remove the gel when you really want to reposition your chairs, tables or sofa.

The Bottom Line

Securing your outdoor patio furniture from winds is a very important idea. Other than preventing them from blowing a way, this initiative helps in reducing maintenance costs such as repairs, repainting and replacing missing pieces. Protected outdoor furniture remains beautiful and serves you for years to come.

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